Art magazine entitled " FORMAT '' was founded in 1990 by Andrzej Saj (Ph.D.) - then assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, a lecturer on academic subjects and photography and an art reviewer. The first issue of the magazine - edited by A. Saj (he still is the editor-in-chief) - was released in the spring of 1991 as the black-and-white issue in A-4 format. It was entirely devoted to the academy. Starting from the second issue, the magazine, registered as a quarterly, should be considered as a national magazine devoted to the presentation of indigenous visual arts, including promoting national creative achievements in the area of all the traditional media (such as painting, sculpture, drawing and graphics) , and the achievements of the new media, including photographs, videos, installations, multimedia and computer graphics.
   Also starting from the second issue, the magazine changed its layout (it was printed in color and in B-4 format). It had the following permanent sections: "Themes" – theoretical texts and reviews referring to the leading problem; "Attitudes " - artistic biographies of Polish artists (later - also foreign ), which were connected with particular problems discussed in an the issue; finally, there were the sections devoted to historical examples of artistic creation, significant from the standpoint of the present, "Contacts" – were authors discussed the achievements of Polish artists living abroad and foreign artists; " Events " – reports on  important national and international art events, such as the Biennale WRO, Print Triennial in Kraków and Wroclaw Drawing Triennial, Painting Competitions in Bielsko – Biała, in Wroclaw (E. Geppert Competition) and Young Artists Promotions in Legnica, as well as constant reports from the Biennale in Venice, Prague, Berlin, Istanbul, and the Documenta in Kassel. Also, there are sections entitled "Motifs" - presenting occasional topics related to art and, at the end of each issue, sections on various reports from exhibitions entitled "Reports",  “Interpretations", book reviews and occasional notes. There are single-subject issues on photography and new media where reviewers write on such repeatable events as Photo-festival in Łódź, the Month of Photography in Krakow, Ars Electronica (Linz) or Transmediale (Berlin ) .
   The issues of the Format magazine has always been focused on current aesthetic ideas such as  the sacred in art, art of meditation, stage-design, visual theater, art by women, the crisis of painting, applied art, installations, drawing and graphics today, the return of painting, photogenic elements in photography, staged photography, documentary photography and new media, art market, etc.

   All the issues of the Format magazine have always been printed according to high-quality graphic and aesthetic standards. The magazine has always been based on the ideas of Andrzej Saj, its editor-in-chief. There were several graphic designers including Prof. Wiesław Gołuch (who designed the logo and the first cover of the magazine), Andrzej Moczydłowski and Tomasz Pietrek (both the employees of the Academy). For many years, Romuald Lazarowicz has been responsible for graphic design and for solving technical problems connected with publication of the magazine.
   Based on consistent editorial policy, the magazine has a big group of regular contributors from important national art centers and from abroad. In particular, the group of contributors to different projects included several editors of the former "Project" (Bożena Kowalska, who contributed many texts from the beginning of publication, and Andrzej Matynia (who died recently). We were honored by permanent long-term presence on the pages of the “Format” magazine by Professor Grzegorz Sztabiński, Grzegorz Dziamski, Andrzej P. Bator, Tomasz Zaluski, AndrzejKostolowski, Bogusław Jasiński, Leszek Brogowski and Slawomir Magala (who lives abroad). Reports  and reviews were written by Adam Sobota, Elżbieta Łubowicz, Marianna Michałowska, Eulalia Domanowska, Dorota Koczanowicz, Aleksandra Hołownia, Eleonora Jedlińska, Alicja Gniotek, Lili Dmochowska, Krzysztof Stanisławki, Lena Wicherkiewicz, Marta Lisok, Kama Wróbel and other authors. Obviously, the complete list of contributors who frequently or occasionally publish in the “Format” magazine is much longer.
   In presenting current topics connected with art, magazine not only focuses on the so-called “avant-garde” and is not limited to selected topics, for example post-conceptual art and reviews (nevertheless, such issues are presented in "Format"), but also refers to conventional art, both in academia and beyond. This openness imbedded in its program stands against other national magazines, who are focused on selected topics. Of course, there is certain preference in the program of the “Format’ magazine and it is connected with promotion of photography and photo-related-art because of their role in contemporary art.
   "Format" plays important role as a useful forum for exchanging and promoting ideas on contemporary art and its place in the current cultural and social reality in our country, provides excellent educational material for art-and-humanistic university programs. It is an important medium which greatly contributes to culture-formation in artistic and scientific environment.